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When VS Naipaul wrote, "there is little subtlety to India," it was an understatement. The western currencies of apathy, minimalism and restraint carry little weight here. Instead, colours are richer, faith and festivals rushed into at fuller-tilt and the cinema storylines are far more outlandish. It’s a place brimming with extremes, from the cool hills around Darjeeling to the hot dunes of the Thar desert. Relax on a tropical beach in Kerala or travel to the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh for some trekking. Use Footprint's India travel guide to discover the wonders of this land of diversity. 

India Travel Guide Highlights
India Travel Guide:Delhi, Photo by Rene Drouyer
The capital city: Humayun's Tomb, Jama Masjid and the chaos.
India Travel Guide:Corbett National Park, Photo by Dr. Pramod Bansode
Corbett National Park
India's first national park has one of the country's best tiger reserves.
India Travel Guide:Jaisalmer, Photo by Daniel Boiteau
Explore the narrow alleyways of this magical medieval city, floating in a desert haze.
India Travel Guide:Taj Mahal, Photo by Javiphotos
Taj Mahal
Despite the hype, no one comes away disappointed by the incomparable Taj Mahal.

Visit the Ellora and Ajanta Caves, carved from volcanic rock.
India Travel Guide:Darjeeling, Photo by Gopixgo
Escape the summer heat and explore the tea gardens or go trekking in the surrounding mountains.
India Travel Guide:Mumbai, Photo by Maharaj Khazanchi
A tapestry of culture, from Bollywood movies to tea at the Taj. 
India Travel Guide:Varanasi, Photo by Arseniy Chervonenkis
A sacred place, pilgrims journey here for an inside look at one of India's holiest cities. 

Explore the hugely impressive ruins, home of the Vijayanagar kings.
India Travel Guide:Kolkata, Photo by Jan Knaapen
Experience a rich contemporary culture in India's intellectual capital.
India Travel Guide:Maduri, Photo by Steve Allen
With temple elephants, flower sellers and musicians, discover India's city that never sleeps.   
India Travel Guide:Sanchi, Photo by Iuliia Kryzhevska
Crowned on a hill is this key Buddhist site, one of the most important in India.

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