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Everybody loves to travel. Getting away is an excellent way of disconnecting from the daily routine, and opening one’s mind to diverse experiences in an unusual cultural setting. In most cases, though, typical touristic activities say very little about the culture of each destination. As a result, many travelers are looking to change how they relate to the city or town they visit. Food tourism is one of the main trends associated with this new way of traveling. By tasting local dishes and drinks, and learning about their origins, ingredients and cooking techniques, visitors can gain an unmatched insight into the local community.

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Israel is most widely known for its religious sites, history, and cuisine. What travelers don’t know about this small country is the hidden world of diamonds that is found just next to Tel Aviv. When looking for something unique to experience in Israel, there is no better place to explore than the Israel Diamond Exchange.

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You will find many incredible destinations to visit for a gap year travel. But if you want to go somewhere unique or venture off the beaten path, this list has you covered. From the enchanting archipelago of the Galapagos to the most picturesque islands of Greece, here are some of the most unusual destinations for gap year travel.

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Instead of splurging on candlelit dinners at some fancy restaurants, why don't you make lasting memories and go for a romantic couples getaway? Whether celebrating an anniversary or going on a honeymoon, these unique getaway ideas for couples are sure to spark romance.

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