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Jordan may be tiny but it sure does pack a punch. If it's ruins you’re after, you'll find them in bucket-loads. And it may be a young country but the land itself is ancient and the wealth of relics covers a mind-boggling time frame stretching from the Neolithic period up to the glories of the Ottoman Empire. 

Petra is undisputedly Jordan’s crown jewel: a vast site of pink-tinged façades hewn into the rock and cleverly hidden from the world by its wily Nabataean crafters. The massive monuments here are matched equally by its setting amid majestic craggy sandstone outcrops.

Jordan offers much more than just historical riches though. When you've ogled enough ruins, head out into the rippling, expansive sands of Wadi Rum or hike from the heights of the Great Rift Valley’s ridge down to below sea level at Dana Nature Reserve, and experience the diverse landscapes encompassed by this small nation. Tired of being tagged as purely a historical destination, in recent years Jordan has been energetically shrugging off this label and opening up hiking trails and national park facilities to showcase the country’s natural beauty.

Situated in the middle of a neighbourhood not known for its friendly relations, Jordan is easily the Middle East’s most relaxed country to visit. It is an enticing and curious mix of old and new where Bedouin shepherds still graze their goats on the outskirts of town and genuine hospitality is offered with multiple cups of sugary tea. Ancient yet young, modern and progressive yet still focused on preserving tradition, Jordan shines a hopeful light on what this region, as a whole, can achieve.

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