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Iceland is, to repeat a tired cliché, fire and ice; it is light and dark, sometimes most unexpectedly; it is hot and cold, again, not always when you think it will be; and wild and windy and wonderful. 

Your challenge is to fit in as many Icelandic experiences as you can on your trip. Drink in the clearest air in the world, the bright light and the fresh mountain stream water. Try the extremes of cuisine – from contemporary New Nordic delights to the ancient Icelandic delicacies of sheep’s head and dried fish.

Watch children feeding geese at the town pond, encounter a real-life Viking longhouse under the street and drink coffee in the many cafés. Reykjavík is perfectly positioned for a city/country break, as you can drive just half an hour from the city to watch the Northern Lights in winter, because of the lack of light pollution, and just a bit further to walk the fault line in Þingvellir National Park, where the American and Eurasian tectonic plates are pulling apart.

Skidoo on a glacier, ride an Icelandic pony through lava fields, meet a stuffed polar bear and watch icebergs dance on an inland lake. Retreat to a hotel beside ancient volcanoes where seals play by the shore and a cone-shaped glacier nearby is said to have mystical powers. Drink in the midnight sun and party till the morning. Swim in thermal pools, buy a lopipeysa and take the best photographs of your life. Then book your next trip back.

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