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Suriname has been influenced by a variety of cultures, Amerindian, African, European and Asian. Markets, customs, festivals and food all reflect this.

In Paramaribo, the capital, there is some fine Dutch colonial wooden architecture and there are important Jewish monuments. The Maroons, descendants of escaped slaves, have maintained traditional African culture for centuries and, together with the Amerindians, have a special bond with the tropical forest. Nature reserves include the combined parks of the Central Suriname Nature Reserve, Brownsberg, Wia-Wia and Galibi. The last two protect nesting ground for marine turtles.

The main attractions of Suriname are the tropical, Amazonian flora and fauna, historic Paramaribo and the ethnic diversity in this sparsely populated country. Much of the interior is untouched and largely uninhabited. Infrastructure is limited, so most tourist lodges, Amerindian and Maroon villages can only be reached by small boat or plane. 

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