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Best of Bolivia

Best of Bolivia
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Like its luminescent sky, Bolivia remains largely unpolluted and, in an age of rampant Disneyfication, stands out for its authenticity.

There are over 17 million hectares of protected natural areas, but isolation is what best protects the intense and often bizarre beauty of Bolivia's landscapes. For the same reason, the cultural integrity of its peoples remains intact. Even though Evo Morales’ government is bringing municipalities closer together, paving roads and building communal facilities, it takes time and patience to travel from one place to the next.

Just when you might think that you have Bolivia figured out, it will catch you off guard. Some amazing new experience leaves you humbled and in awe of this remarkable country. 

Some of our favourites include a guide playing his charango in a cathedral-like cave near Torotoro; listening to the choir practise baroque music in San José de Chiquitos; walking all day without ever reaching the mirage-like shore of Lago Poopó; bathing in hot springs at Laguna Blanca and not wanting to get out because the air is almost zero; gliding down the River Yacuma being watched by countless caiman and cackled at by family after family of prehistoric hoatzin.

From the shores of Titicaca, the world's highest navigable lake, to the 'Lost World' table-lands of Noel Kempff Mercado National Park, following the footsteps of dinosaurs, bandits and revolutionaries, there are endless opportunities for off-the-beaten path exploration. Along the way are rest-stop cities and towns where travellers can indulge in creature comforts as well as tall tales of their adventures.

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Two centuries ago, in August 1819, the patriot commander Simón Bolívar defeated royalist Spanish forces to liberate Colombia and kick-start the South American independence movement. But who was he – and where can you follow in his footsteps?

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