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Belize is a smorgasbord of landscapes, from mountainous jungle with abundant wildlife to fertile subtropical foothills where cattle are reared, and sugar, rice and fruit trees are cultivated, or coastal wetlands filled with birds and small islands – known as cayes – with beautiful beaches.

Measuring 174 miles north to south and just 80 miles across, the country nestles on the coast between Mexico and Guatemala, with a land area of about 8860 square miles, including hundreds of cayes. The reefs and cayes form a 184-mile barrier reef with crystal-clear water and are a major attraction for world-class diving, snorkelling and sport fishing. And hidden beneath the depths is the magnificent Blue Hole, one of the world’s best dives.

Inland, rivers and rainforest invite you to head out, trekking, paddling and biking, to visit the ancient ruins of the Maya, or to cave in their spiritual underworld. For the beginner and the specialist birdwatching is an endless pleasure.

With a Caribbean history and a Central American geography, Belize is a subtle blend of cultures that encourages the laidback attitude of the small (just 311,000) but ethnically diverse population, who paint an intriguing picture in this culturally different, English-speaking Central American nation.

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