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Latin America

Tantalizing beautiful and tremendously hospitable, Latin America is a magnificently varied part of the world. Inspiring an air of mystery, it displays the most incredible diversity in its cultures, cities, landscapes, flora and fauna.

From the Rio carnival in Brazil to small town markets in Guatemala – this is a land where the latest fashions blend with ancient traditions. Before Europeans arrived, the Incas and the Aztecs governed large, complex civilizations which rivalled Europe in terms of sophistication and infrastructure. Their legacy is still visible in Machu Picchu’s breathtaking architecture or in Mexico’s sumptuous cuisine. 

Today, Latin America is home to Mexico City – a sprawling but vivid celebration of chaos and colour. South of Mexico are the white-sand beaches of Costa Rica, the incredible barrier reef of Belize, the dramatic volcanic landscapes of Nicaragua, and the enormous Panama Canal. In South America, Colombia thrums with seductive rhythms and positively bursts with colour and history. In neighbouring Venezuela, the Andes meet the Caribbean at the Orinoco River, while the Amazon rainforest spreads south into Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. The “world’s most dangerous road” winds from Bolivian mountains down to the Yungas valleys, while further south the spectacular Iguazú Falls sits on the border between Argentina and Brazil. Chile's fertile valleys of vineyards wend down to the barren Patagonian plains – home to prehistoric cave paintings - which in turn meet the end of the world at the Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost tip of the Americas.

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