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Tobago is 41 km long and only 12 km wide, about the same size as Barbados, but with only a fifth of the population (about 60,000) and a tiny fraction of the number of tourists. 

 It is not as busy and vibrant as Trinidad, but neither is it industrialized or urbanized; instead, the island is charming and beautiful, with a quiet, easy-going way of life in the villages and tiny towns. It is ideal for people in search of relaxation, and Trinidadians regard it as their holiday island.

The Crown Point tourist area is concentrated in the southwestern end, about 13 km from the capital, Scarborough. Here, apartment complexes, bars and fast-food joints welcome visitors straight off the plane from Trinidad, given that almost everything is within walking distance of the airport. But, even though it is as close to a typical Caribbean holiday resort as you’ll find on Tobago, it is still relatively low-key. Elsewhere, scattered all around the island, are small hotels and guesthouses offering peace and quiet in scenic surroundings. The dense, leafy rainforests on the Main Ridge (highest point 573 m), the mountainous volcanic spine of Tobago that extends for about two-thirds of the length of the island from the northeast tip, are quite wild and provide a spectacular backdrop for the many horseshoe bays around the coast. Beaches are golden, the Caribbean Sea on the leeward side is clear and warm and is backed by wooded coves with fishing boats dotted along the sand, and there is good walking, diving, fishing and excellent birdwatching.

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