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Leatherback Turtles

Leatherback turtle, Grenada
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Known as the spice island because of the nutmeg, mace and other spices it produces, Grenada (pronounced ‘Grenayda’), is the most southerly of the Windward Islands.

The southern coast, with its beautiful sandy beaches, bays and rocky promontories, is where the main tourist development is, as well as the airport. Here the water is so blue and clear that coral formations can be spotted from the air. There are numerous places to stay, from the last word in luxury to good-value self-catering apartments. The excellent restaurants and fun little beach bars make it everything you would want for a sun, sand and sea holiday.

Striking into the north, the island has a beautiful mountainous interior and is well endowed with lush forests and cascading rivers. Hikers and nature lovers will enjoy the many different ecosystems, from mangroves on the coast, through lush rainforest on the hillsides, to elfin woodland on the peaks.

St George’s, the capital, is widely acknowledged as the prettiest harbour city in the West Indies, blending the architectural styles of the French and English with a picturesque setting on steep hills overlooking the bay.

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