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Swaying palm trees, golden beaches, a hammock at siesta time, sunset rum cocktails... The heat of the tropical sun induces all the conditions for a relaxing holiday. 

Sun, sea and sand are offered in abundance in the Caribbean and it is easy to adapt to the unhurried pace of island living. After dark is the time to sing and dance, whether it be salsa, reggae or merengue. 

The Caribbean islanders are a diverse mix of cultures. Starting with the different Amerindian tribes, the melting pot has been added to by many colonizers: the Spanish, French, English, Dutch, American, Danish, Swedish, followed by their slaves of various African tribes, indentured labourers from India or China and immigrants from Arab countries. Features can differ greatly even within families, depending on their ancestors. Despite the huge US influence everywhere (except Cuba), most islands have kept their own identities and traditions based on their own experience of immigration.


Discover revolutionary Cuba

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