Paul Bloomfield

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Tackling an epic cycling trip doesn’t mean you need to be an epic cyclist. Dervla Murphy, who launched her distinguished travel-writing career pedalling from Ireland to India, sagely wrote: “one of the advantages of cycling is that it automatically prevents a journey from becoming an Expedition.” These bike-based trips offer high adventure that’s achievable for most of us…

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Transport comes in so many different forms in Spain – each with its own joys. Explore the country by train and tram, bike and boat, car and cablecar to discover fabulous views and historic highlights in Andalucia, Catalonia, Mallorca, the Canary Islands and more

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You know about the beaches, the buzzing cities, the spectacular cuisine – but how about the dunes, the ancient remains, the snowsports? Discover five unforgettable experiences you never expected in Spain

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An estimated 7.77 million animal species call Earth home – yet nearly 90% have never been identified, and many are at risk of extinction. Head off to spot this magnificent seven – while there’s still time…

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