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Madrid is Spain’s capital and its largest and most diverse city but is also a paradise for foodies. As eating is one of the Spanish people’s greatest pleasures, the city’s food scene is constantly expanding. Read on to discover more about this exciting foodie destination.


If you’re looking for a varied sailing experience, then you should think about spending some time abroad in New Caledonia. This part of the world is a playground for sailors and anyone who enjoys being on the water. So, if you have an adventurous heart, then this should be on your list of must-visit yacht charter destinations. Here's why you should sail New Caledonia on a yacht at least once in your lifetime.

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Barcelona is considered one of the most amazing cities in Europe. Its charming mood and personality have turned this city into one of the favourite places to visit when travelling to Spain.  Nobody wants to miss anything this fantastic tourist spot offers, which is why many people choose it as a multi purpose destination. Students from all over the world also come to study here as they find the city very stimulating and challenging as it provides a vast number of possibilities for everyone who decides to spend some time there.

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One of the best ways to relax and truly get away from it all is to book a solo vacation. And if you’ve never done that before, Key West is an ideal place to go. Its convenient location and compact size make getting there and exploring the island easy. Indulge in all the things you want to do on your schedule. Here are some of the top things to do:

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South America is one of the largest and most important continents in the world. This region is home to the largest economies in Latin America, such as Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. In addition, this area is world-renowned for its epic landscapes along with an strong architectural tradition stemming from its colonial past. Who can forget the colourful facades of Mexico and Guatemala? At the same time, here you will find the vast Amazon jungle along with the Andes mountain range that crosses almost the entire continent: all the way from Chile to Venezuela. If you are planning your next trip to South America, you really are spoilt for choice. This might leave you unsure about the places you would like to visit and get to know. It is for this very reason that we will mention a couple of areas to pique your interest. Don't forget to take notes and get ready for your next adventure in this region.

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