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The Costa del Sol is one of the favorite destinations for European tourists for many reasons. In summer, moreover, is when most of these visits are concentrated thanks to the large number of things you can do at this time on the Costa del Sol. In this article we want to tell you about some of these things that we have chosen and that, without a doubt, will always be a good choice if you choose the province of Malaga as your vacation destination.


Purchasing a holiday home is an amazing experience, as you take the first step towards your holiday dreams. We’re spoiled in the UK, with holiday parks in stunning locations up and down the country, as well as the opportunity to explore a range of holiday homes – from caravans to luxury lodges.

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Many people refuse to buy travel insurance, which averages just 5.5% of the total cost of a trip. Instead, they prefer to take the risk, assuming they’ll be fine. However, there are some good reasons to consider adding this small extra cost to your next vacation. Here are just three reasons why purchasing travel insurance is a good idea.

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“Mexico is now OPEN for travelers!” The dazzling cultural extravaganza is again open for travel (as of November 8th) to welcome tourists back. Contrary to the popularized belief that Mexico is too dangerous to travel to, it is one of the most magnificent places filled with lush beaches, popular attractions, and outstanding cuisine. If you are making early 2022 plans, Mexico is one place that you cannot miss out on. If you’ve been traveling across borders, you don’t need any introduction on why heading on a trip can be transformational – in several aspects. Even if you are a first-time traveler, Mexico is an ideal place to get started.


Do you carry a digital camera or smartphone while travelling? If yes, then it is safe to say that you pretty much always return home with hundreds of pictures. You probably upload these pictures on your social media accounts but then what? Some destinations you visit are really special and have world beating views. So, you can show your love for that destination and by showcasing your travel photos on your walls. Impress you friends and family with your best travel shots enlarged on canvas.

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There are likely many tourist attractions that you plan to visit during your European vacation, but in thinking strictly about historical events or popular places you could miss out on some amazing architecture, interior design, and furnishings. As you go from site to site, pay attention to the décor and interior design trends of the period in question. The antique furniture found in these locations will give you some clues as to when events took place, or the last time that a castle or manor had been updated. French and English furniture trends have followed closely with rulership, and French furniture styles are defined by royal tastes. Features of antique European furniture can tell you a lot about how people lived in those times. You will be able to see drastic improvements in furniture manufacture as the industrial revolution took hold. You will also be able to see how artisans carved furniture in their time, giving you valuable insight into what was important to people of that era. Not sure what to look for as you browse Europe? Here are some of the most popular destinations and the furniture you will find there. Take note of anything that catches your fancy, as you might be able to find similar furniture when you return home.

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