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Fiordland: visiting New Zealand’s fjords

New Zealand

Top Seven Countries for hiring an RV

Recreational Vehicles (RV’s) have been growing in popularity among holidaymakers over the last decade and the Global Coronavirus pandemic is expected to lead to an acceleration of this trend. They are seen as a safer holiday option, allowing you to easily socially distance from people and offering a safe environment to live in.

So where are the best places to head to in order to enjoy the freedom that an RV gives you. Here are seven of the best destinations, chosen by a combination of their scenery, attractions and how RV-friendly they are.


The spiritual home of RV’s and the place most people think of when RV’s are mentioned. A great road network, unbelievable scenery, great attractions and a superb network of camp sites and parks make it the ultimate destination. There are a huge range of different campsites from budget family sites to the best luxury RV resort in the USA. For a holiday its best to focus on one area of this huge countries. The Pacific Coast and California is a popular destination, maybe taking in Yosemite, The Grand Canyon and Las Vegas at the end.


Similar to its southern neighbour, Canada has some breath-taking roads to drive and stunning scenery. The facilities are excellent. Distances are big so its important you plan your trip well as you are not going to cover this vast country in a couple of weeks. Vancouver and the Rockies offers spectacular scenery, allowing you to visit true wilderness like Bella Coola.


Namibia has some of the most diverse scenery in the World. From the Skeleton Coast to the Salt Pans of Etosha, the dunes at Sossusvlei to Fish River Canyon it is the perfect place to tour. There are campsites at all the main attractions and space to stop wherever you want. The road system is good, albeit a little more basic so the vehicles tend to be slightly smaller. The country is so remote many rentals come with satellite phones to call out roadside assistance if required.


Iceland has a ring road that runs around the whole Island. Anyone who has seen the film The Secret life of Walter Mitty and remember the skateboard scene will know how picturesque it is. You can get permits to camp in certain places, or just rough camp in others. Just don’t go in winter or you will get stuck. There is a lot of snow..


Lots of places to camp, both free and on campsites, open roads and a long coastline. If you want to get off the beaten track, then get a RV in Australia and head off. Because of the distances you need time, especially if you want to visit the main cities of New South Wales and Victoria while also taking in Uluru in the outback and the tropical forests of Darwin and the Northern Territories. 

New Zealand

In the UK, New Zealand has long been regarded as one of the absolute best places to hire an RV. Its countryside is varied and beautiful, its roads are empty, the facilities are excellent and everybody there speaks English. There are plenty of places to hire RV’s and if you are the organised type its easy to plan you route and book all your sites in advance. Otherwise head off and enjoy the freedom..


RV’s are smaller in the UK than many other destinations as roads are narrower and traffic is heavier. There are plenty of camping sites, from basic fields to full amenity sites and the distances are considerably smaller than in other places. In peak months you need to book ahead as sites get full and rough camping is hard.

There are plenty of other fantastic destinations where RV’s give you the freedom to explore areas out of reach of other tourists. The World is still out there so as things ease get out there and enjoy it.

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