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5 Top-Rated and Unique Restaurants in Madrid


Top 10 unique restaurants in Barcelona and much more


Ten top tapas bars in Andalucia

Barcelona is considered one of the most amazing cities in Europe. Its charming mood and personality have turned this city into one of the favourite places to visit when travelling to Spain.
Nobody wants to miss anything this fantastic tourist spot offers, which is why many people choose it as a multi purpose destination. Students from all over the world also come to study here as they find the city very stimulating and challenging as it provides a vast number of possibilities for everyone who decides to spend some time there.

And if you are one of those who is thinking of visiting this fantastic city and wants to know what to expect, here is a great guide for you to start experiencing the magic of Barcelona in every possible way.

History, architecture, food, sports and more

Barcelona holds a unique spirit, where several things converge, making this city one of the favourites for tourism and students. The Spanish courses are chosen by many students worldwide because of the special activities and social life this city offers. This is why it is usual to see groups of Spanish learners visiting the most popular and emblematic buildings as long as they practice this new language as if they were locals.

And as this city has many activities and unique places to discover, taking a Spanish course in Barcelona is an exciting way to learn.

But not everything is studying and working, is it? There are many things to do in Barcelona and here is a list of the most popular restaurants and main attractions you will find when you get there.

Top 10 restaurants!

This list is our selection of the best restaurants in Barcelona, including the most expensive ones, and it may vary throughout the year! So, check out your budget first and take a look!

  • Moments

This Mandarin style restaurant combines Catalonian food with a touch of oriental style flavours. One of this restaurants highlights has been its anti-ageing menu which has been a huge success with visitors from around the world. It was honoured with 2 Michelin stars in 2013.

  • Can Pineda

This is a classic restaurant working since 1904 has the best Catalonian food you would ever taste! It is not cheap, but it is worth it, so save some money trying one of the most exquisite Spanish cuisines.

  • Bambarol

This is the place if you want to try the famous Spanish tapas. You should leave downtown to find this fantastic restaurant, but you will love its traditional food.

  • 4amb5mujades

Oh boy! What a strange name! not an easy one to remember, but if you are looking for a veggie restaurant, this is the place to go. It is not too expensive as well; you should try this one!

  • Rice, by Sanchez Romera

Well, its name is quite eloquent, this is the place for rice! It has reasonable prices, so it is an exciting option for you to try. But we can assure you; you will have the best version of rice you have ever tasted.

  • Can Valles

This small restaurant located at Aragon street may seem to be another usual bar in Barcelona. Still, the truth is that it is one of the most amazing traditional restaurants you will discover while you visit this city. One tip! Remember to make reservations first!!

  • Dos Palillos

The perfect combination between Asian flavours and the traditional Spanish tapas! That sounds cool, isn’t it? Enjoy! Albert Raurich offers all his creativity to customers who choose to have a wonderful time here, one of the most famous chefs.

  • Tickets

Another tapas bar, but its chef is the extremely popular Ferran Adria! The most creative tapas you have ever seen and tasted, you will find in this fantastic restaurant. It is too good to be accurate, but also too difficult to make reservations! They had to erase their phone number from their web!

  • Vivant

Excellent prices for a traditional food restaurant you will love! In the Sant Joan neighbourhood, you will find exquisite versions of the famous patatas bravas and fantastic seafood.

  • Monvinic

If you are looking for the perfect combination of food and wine, you have reached the right place! Here you can taste wines from worldwide while you enjoy the most amazing traditional Spanish food.

Barcelona has it all!

If these fantastic restaurants are not enough for you to start planning your trip to Barcelona right away, you would probably change your mind when you find out what other things are waiting for you at this beautiful destination.

The outdoor markets, the fantastic beaches near the Rambla, the gothic architecture and Antoni Gaudi´s hand placed on many historical buildings such as the Sagrada Familia church, or Parc Guell, give this city the charming atmosphere everybody identifies every time they visit.

Water activities are also in the spotlight in Barcelona; you can rent a cruise, dive into the beautiful blue sea for a snorkel trip or rent a small kayak to discover the beauties of the Costa Brava.

More cities to visit

Another attractive fact you will discover when you visit Barcelona is that there are many exciting and lovely cities nearby, making e the most of your trip and experience.

If you decide to spend a few weeks or a few months, if you are attending a course, for example, in Barcelona; you won’t get easily bored as you will find that you can make a day trip every weekend and visit some of these exciting cities.

Montserrat, with its wine tours and its Benedictine abbey, is an incredible place to visit, as well as Gerona beaches or even France! You can enjoy many different day trips while you study, work, or simply visit Barcelona as a tourist.

We hope we have given you enough reasons now for you to jump on a plane and go!

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