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Israel is most widely known for its religious sites, history, and cuisine. What travelers don’t know about this small country is the hidden world of diamonds that is found just next to Tel Aviv. When looking for something unique to experience in Israel, there is no better place to explore than the Israel Diamond Exchange.

With over 30% of the world’s diamonds passing through the buzzing doors of the Israel Diamond Exchange, it's no wonder it is one of the most secure complexes in Israel. The Israeli diamond industry started in the ‘30s and has become a world leader in manufacturing and exporting polished diamonds. Holding a significant history, the Israel Diamond Exchange tells the story of the hard-working Israeli culture paying off in becoming a massive leader in the diamond industry. The Israel Diamond Exchange is the largest in the world and boasts over 3,000 qualified members who deal and trade in the world’s largest and most valuable diamonds.

The only way to access the sparkling diamond world in the heart of Israel is via guided tour, which takes travelers on the journey of diamonds, and explores the history and culture of the massive industry.

The tour of the Israel Diamond Exchange is interactive, entertaining, and highly educational for travelers of all ages. The diamond industry in Israel is most known for its highly skilled diamond cutters, and the tour starts in one of Israel’s oldest active diamond-cutting factories. Travelers get to meet the diamond cutters who work on the largest and most valuable diamonds while learning and witnessing diamonds being cut in real time. In a hands-on learning experience, travelers leave the diamond cutting factory with new knowledge on the process all diamonds go through to become the most beautiful and valuable types of stones.

Continuing from the diamond-cutting factories, travelers gain entry to the famed Israel Diamond Exchange. While exploring the massive complex, travelers learn of the trade process, and how diamonds are dealt with safely. The trading hall of the Israel Diamond Exchange, where international diamond dealers meet up and trade their wares, is explored and explains how dealers ensure their deals are done with the utmost security and lowest risk. The process of diamond deals is universal, and the trade is based on the methods honed in Israel that proved so effective that it has been adopted in every single diamond exchange worldwide.

The tour's final stop is where travelers get an in-depth lesson on how to evaluate diamonds by themselves. From identifying rough diamonds and learning the markers of a less or more valuable diamond, the Diamond Tour leaves travelers with a profound new knowledge of the diamond world, Israeli history, and the hard-working industry.

The Israel Diamond Exchange tour is a VIP experience and maintains a high level of confidentiality for all its visitors. Wheelchair accessible and friendly to all ages, The Israel Diamond Exchange Tour is the place to get a feel of Israel in a highly unique and educational experience.

The private tour takes 2.5 hours and provides pick-up and drop-off to and from Tel Aviv and surrounding neighborhoods, as well as refreshments. There is an opportunity to purchase jewelry at near wholesale prices for interested travelers.

In addition to the Diamond Exchange Tour, travelers can choose how to experience the Israel Diamond Exchange. IsraelTours4U provides travelers with a range of luxury experiences to choose from to fully immerse themselves in Israel’s beauties and highlights in comfort.

The Helicopter and Diamond Tour provides travelers a full day of seeing the beauty of Israel without sacrificing on luxury. The day starts with pick up, a tour of the old port city of Jaffa, and transport to Herzliya where travelers board for a one-hour private helicopter tour over Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and the Dead Sea, and its return journey. The day ends at the Israel Diamond Exchange, where travelers learn of the diamond world and can unwind after a day of excitement. The Helicopter and Diamond Tour includes all transport, meals, and refreshments.

For more information on the Diamond Tour and other Luxury VIP Experiences, visit, or contact

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