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The best restaurants to eat in Buenos Aires


Train to the Clouds

To learn a language well it is necessary to explore and experience your host country and to talk to its inhabitants as much as possible. The local people will be the ones who encourage you as a tourist to speak as fluently as they do. If you are thinking about learning Spanish then rather than confine yourself to Spain you might expand your horizons and plan a trip to Argentina instead. It is after all a wonderfully beautiful and exciting country. Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires is a fun challenge that some people dare to do and they never regret it!

Getting to know different cultures is what drives people from all over the world to plan their trips. In addition to encountering another language, tourists must overcome difficulties such as customs, ways of life, values and norms that other countries establish and that are completely unknown at the moment they set foot on the territory.

This cultural shock opens the mind, even more, to understand that the world has infinite worlds inside and that each one of them has its own way of functioning. It is very common, for example, that the traffic in Buenos Aires is chaotic but in Germany, it is totally peaceful.

Many people travel to Argentina to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires where the language has its complications but using it on a daily basis it ends up penetrating the mind of every visitor. The same happens with languages such as French and German, which are easier to learn when visiting those countries.

Things such as ways of eating, the food sold in supermarkets, ways of driving, greetings when entering a house, dinner and breakfast schedules, absolutely everything changes when we move from one continent to another and many times it is not even necessary to cross oceans.

Spanish schools Buenos Aires offers are another method to learn the language if you are visiting here for a few months, mainly because it is a methodological way of learning, that can be practised with someone else and that serves to learn idioms of the language that many times with the social dialogue are not appreciated.

Visiting places to eat is another method to learn how to have a daily conversation. A fun way would be to take a tour of the most popular bars in Argentina and order a few things from the menu, such as typical food and drinks, and ask the waiter for the ingredients to gain a deeper understanding of the culture.

Which restaurants to visit in Buenos Aires?

Narda Comedor

This restaurant is owned by the famous Argentinean cook called Narda Lepes, who through her culinary art and tasty meals proposes an all-day breakfast concept. What does it mean? It means that people can enjoy breakfast with whatever they like without any limit. This proposal was born to break with eating schedules, as long as everything eaten is tasty and kind to the body.

With this innovative idea, the chef also proposes to eat dishes that have all the colours and therefore all the nutrients. The goal is that customers leave satisfied and having eaten a nutritious and tasty dish, which provides a positive experience to the palate and to gain to delve into Latin American food.

Corte Comedor

This place located in Belgrano is characterized by its meat cuts and all kinds of artisanal sausage production. If a tourist wants to try one of Argentina's typical foods, such as “Asado”, the best place to visit is this place. In addition, and respecting tradition, they can order cheese and sweets for dessert and thus complete the initial map of the country's customs.


This restaurant, which you can visit with or without reservation, is located in Colegiales and is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays to offer varied and delicious lunches and every day to enjoy a delicious dinner.

Its gourmet dishes range from pasta to sautéed vegetables, meats and desserts to share. In addition, as it is also customary in Argentina, there is a wine list to try that will activate your palate to invite you to discover new flavours.

Cavia House

This place is a mansion that functions as a restaurant where sophisticated dishes are served, which accompany the level and decoration of the bar. It also has other attractions ideal for tourists to know such as event rooms, its own garden from which they get the spices for the dishes or drinks and a flower shop.

Salvaje Bakery

For those with a sweet tooth, this place offers everything from croissants to croissants and signature coffee to go with them. That is, everything a person wants in the morning and also to enjoy a delicious snack. It is the right place to taste the famous dulce de leche and enjoy a good moment of warmth.


Hernán López Tegui is another of the country's outstanding chefs who came to innovate with his state-of-the-art restaurant, where he presents delicious dishes, with a tasting of more than ten meals ready to delight the palate of whoever tries them and dares to challenge the limits of food.

La Carnicería

Just as its name says, this restaurant specializes in all kinds of meat cuts, from loin to sausages, offers the diner grilled meats with different types of salads and wines to cleanse the palate. It is one of the best rated in the country and especially visited by tourists from all over the world.

La Fuerza

This place is ideal if you want to have a quiet and inexpensive dinner, taste typical Argentine drinks and accompany them with a chopped of cold cuts and breads to taste. Besides offering tourists a familiar and modern space, it is also possible to taste the best wines with grapes from Mendoza.

Finally, two places to get to know and perfect the language through dialogue are Don Julio and Chori and if you wonder why the best thing to do is to go and discover it for yourself. In these two places, the national stamp is more visible than ever and besides enjoying exquisite dishes you can also discover why the Argentinean has gastronomy that unites him to his roots.

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