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Places you should visit in South America


Birdwatching in Colombia

South America is one of the largest and most important continents in the world. This region is home to the largest economies in Latin America, such as Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. In addition, this area is world-renowned for its landscapes along with an architectural tradition stemming from its colonial past. At the same time, here you will find the great Amazon jungle along with the Andes mountain range that crosses almost the entire continent: all the way from Chile to Venezuela.

Colombia - Colombia is a fascinating country with a long history and a strong connection to Spain. It also offers fantastic culture, beautiful beaches and lovely scenery. At the same time, it is located in a strategic point since the two oceans (Pacific and Atlantic) which border the north and west coast. This country has a mix of colonial and indigenous heritage which you can find in cities like Cartagena. This city is known as "La Heroica," and you can learn how these two cultures coexisted in the same place under the yoke of the Spanish Empire. If you travel to this country during February and March, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the second most important carnival of all: the Carnival of Barranquilla. This party is celebrated for four days in which all citizens participate to have a good time. Its colorful costumes and the mixture of Spanish, indigenous, and African traditions make it a celebration for everyone. If you are looking to explore the ruins of ancient civilizations, we recommend you to visit "The Lost City" in the city of Santa Marta. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to visit the Tairona Park and have close contact with the wonderful South American natural world. As an additional fact, if you have never seen a desert, you should visit the department of La Guajira and near this area is the Cabo de la Vela, a magnificent place that you can not miss.

Argentina - As a good alternative, Argentina is the preferred destination for many tourists due to its remarkable history, beauty, culture, and soccer history. The capital city is Buenos Aires. Here you can visit the superb and colorful Plaza de Mayo. However, one of the most known and visited places in the country is the Tierra del Fuego National Park. It is the southernmost point of the entire South American region. This place is also known as "the end of the world.” Going back to the north, you will find a small city called "La Plata.” You will not only be amazed by its beauty but also by its marvelous architecture and glorious tradition that is still maintained to this day. One of the places that show its beauty is the Cathedral of La Plata.

Brazil - Up to this point, you already have two countries whose tourist attractions are the best of all. However, the largest country in South America has yet to be mentioned: Brazil. It is the only country in the region that speaks Portuguese and is also home to much of the Amazon rainforest and also the Pantanal wetlands which are totally unqiue and home to incredible wildlife. It is world-famous for the Rio Carnival. This once-a-year celebration attracts millions of tourists worldwide, as well as for its colorful favelas and delicious cuisine. You won’t have enough time to explore this wonderful place. Nevertheless, we encourage you to learn a bit of Portuguese to have a conversation with native speakers and have a magnificent experience. Don't forget to visit the world famous Iguassu Falls whilst you are there ; they bridge the Brazilian - Argentinian border and are truly breathtaking.

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As you can see, Latin America is a magnificent region worth exploring. Remember to prepare your trip in advance so you can have the best vacation ever.

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