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Ideas to Create a Gallery Wall with Photo Prints from your Favourite Places


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Do you carry a digital camera or smartphone while travelling? If yes, then it is safe to say that you pretty much always return home with hundreds of pictures. You probably upload these pictures on your social media accounts but then what?

Some destinations you visit are really special and have world beating views. So, you can show your love for that destination and by showcasing your travel photos on your walls. Impress you friends and family with your best travel shots enlarged on canvas.

In addition to that, you can relive the memories created or the sights seen. A fun and exciting way to do this is to curate a travel gallery. So, create canvas prints from travel photos and make an eye-catching gallery wall.

The following are some ideas to create a gorgeous gallery wall:

Create a Theme



When your memory card is full of different photos, pick your favorite pictures and create their groups according to themes. For example, family pictures, memorable places, joy events, and many more.

Create a gallery wall with canvas prints of these themes. You can also curate the art gallery by following a particular color scheme. It will give a cohesive look. Make sure to select the color that suits the room’s tone.

In this gallery wall, you will notice neutral colors with different materials and textures that add interest to the room. This idea works well in small spaces such as hallways because neutral colors will not overwhelm the area.

Layer up Photo Prints on a Picture Ledge

This type of photo Shelves is a great way to create a striking wall art display. Moreover, they are a pretty inexpensive and practical way to curate an art gallery.

You can install a single shelf or group of two or more shelves. Then, dress them with vases, canvas travel prints, and books. The best part of this wall art display is that you can switch the arrangement whenever you want.

Create a Photo Collage



Walls covered by travel images look exceptionally well, especially if you want to attract people on social media. So, the perfect way to do so is to curate a photo collage with travel photos.

Then, get that collage printed on a blank canvas. Finally, you can gather ideas to create a photo collage from travel magazines or the internet. Then, create one that enhances the aesthetics.

Create a Gallery Wall with Polaroid Style Pictures

Transform polaroid photos on blank canvases to create fantastic little hanging canvas prints. When you hang these polaroid style images on a wall, it will give a stunning view to the visitors.

Pin Travel Photos on a Map



The easiest way to showcase travel photos is to pin them on a map. So, get a map printed on a blank canvas. Then, pin your images from famous landmarks on that map printed on a canvas.

Pin pictures related to interesting moments while you visit a particular place and add the date and time of the photo. This type of art gallery will help you create a personal and meaningful art piece.

Moreover, it will not take much space. You just need a wall to hang a map canvas. Also, pinning images on these canvases are pretty easy.

Use Fairy Lights to Hang Travel Photos

Brighten up the interiors or add a fun element by using string lights. It is an excellent way to create a gallery wall with smaller canvases and make it glow in the dark.

You just have to hang the canvas photo prints on fairy lights with paper clips. It is effortless to update artwork and gives a pretty look.

Display Travel Images Around the Map

The unique and quirky way to curate a gallery wall with travel photos is by displaying images around the map. In addition, if you frame these canvas photo prints, the gallery wall will give a more professional and stunning look.

It is a beautiful way to reminisce precious travel memories. You can create this travel gallery around a map of any size. Hang a lot of canvas prints of different sizes and create incredible wall art.

Arrange the Travel Canvases into a Grid

Do you have plenty of pictures to display? The more photos, the more canvas prints. With a large number of canvases, you can create a better and eye-catching grid. To have a clean look, use a ruler to create equal spaces.

Make sure not to experiment with spacing or angles in a grid. Otherwise, it will give a messy look. You can use poster tape to prevent travel prints from damaging the wall.

Final Note

While creating a gallery wall from travel photos, switching the prints and adding more art pieces will refresh the interiors. Moreover, it is a pretty inexpensive way to transform the existing décor and bring joy around.

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