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Madrid is Spain’s capital and its largest and most diverse city but is also a paradise for foodies. As eating is one of the Spanish people’s greatest pleasures, the city’s food scene is constantly expanding.

Whether you are staying for business, pleasure or to learn Spanish in Madrid, one of the advantages of this amazing city is that it has an endless list of restaurants and bars for all tastes.

Therefore, check out this shortlist of the five restaurants you should not miss for anything in the world when in Madrid, made by experts and qualified foodies. Are you ready for this culinary experience?

Amazónico Restaurant

Without a doubt, Amazónico is today one of the most popular and well-loved restaurants in Madrid. Besides the dining room, it has a beautiful jazz club where you can enjoy live music with tropical-inspired cocktails.

Combining a blend of tropical and Latin American cuisines, Amazónico offers giant steaks, salads, stews, but also plenty of seafood dishes that are just as impressive.

From Peruvian ceviche and sushi to Argentinian grilled meats, the chefs use sophisticated techniques and vibrant ingredients that will transport you directly to South America.

Location: Recoletos neighbourhood.


DiverXO is a modern and refined restaurant that offers a three-hour dining experience featuring more than 20 dishes in something you definitely will not forget (surprise is guaranteed!).

In just five years, David Muñoz, the owner and main chef, went from being unknown to winning the National Gastronomy Award and achieving 3 Michelin Stars (quite impressive!). For this reason, keep in mind that it may take you a few months to get a table at DiverXO, but be aware that the experience is definitely worth it.

Location: Chamartín District.

Azotea del Círculo de Bellas Artes (Círculo de Bellas Artes Rooftop Bar)

With a central location, fantastic panoramic views, and generous opening hours (every day from morning until midnight), Azotea del Círculo (a historical and cultural building dating back to the 1880s) is probably the best place in Madrid for a long rooftop lunch.

The restaurant has reasonable prices and offers great Spanish and Mediterranean food, along with trendy cocktails. Be aware that there is a 4 euros fee to get to the rooftop terrace, but it is well worth it.

Location: Historical city centre.

El Cisne Azul

Specialized in wild mushrooms, El Cisne Azul is a nice and trendy restaurant for a bit of a treat. The food is freshly prepared with the best quality ingredients and presented well.

You can choose from a wide variety of dishes combining mushrooms with goat cheese and all kinds of meats and have a glass of the best wine. The price is over the average in the city, but the experience is definitely worth it.

Location: Chueca neighbourhood.

Chocolatería San Ginés

There is no arguing with the fact that churros are one of the best sweet treats in Spain and the country’s most beloved snack. Chocolatería San Ginés, the oldest and most iconic chocolate place in the city, is the perfect place to enjoy them with a supremely dark and thick cup of chocolate after some exploring.

San Ginés has been in business for over 125 years. It has become a landmark of Madrid, and when it comes to churros and hot chocolate, it is the best place in the entire city.

Location: Historic centre, just outside San Ginés Church.

Learn Spanish in Madrid

As you can see, food is one of the most important aspects of Spanish culture. In fact, the related vocabulary is quite large. If you are looking for an authentic Spanish experience, you should consider taking some Spanish lessons, and to do so, there is no better place than Spain, the land where the language originated.

If you decide to take Spanish lessons in Madrid, you will definitely be able to get to the streets and chat with native speakers that will correct you when needed. Before you know it, you will be speaking Spanish comfortably and with fluency.

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