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About us

Welcome to Footprint

We are providers of quality, curated information for independent-minded and adventurous travellers. Our sole purpose is to enable our community to have unique travel experiences.

Footprint, as it is today, is based on a relaunch of our Handbook series which was completed in 2017 and this new traveller hub website which was launched in 2018. Footprint has a heritage going back to 1924 when the first edition of our flagship title, the South American Handbook, was published.

We continue to specialize in coverage of Latin America and the Caribbean, but we also have very strong coverage of South Asia and Spain. We do also cover some other destinations in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. 

In November 2019, Footprint was acquired by Bradt Travel Guides, bringing together the two largest independent travel publishers in the UK. 

Footprint Travel Expertise

We don't try and cover the whole world: we're a specialist team, and we want to be sure that we're providing the best information we can on destinations that we are passionate about, have experience in and know we've researched impeccably. 

We only use expert authors who have an intimate knowledge of the regions they cover, often as a result of having lived in the destination. The result is travel information which is accurate, insightful, practical, and rich with places and attractions simply not covered by other guides. 

The Footprint Difference 

Tread Your Own Path

Footprint books are written for intelligent travellers looking for a point in the right direction, without being prescribed every detail of a journey. We don't assume that you're travelling on a budget, nor that you have an endless budget: we try and include suggestions for travelling on a shoestring, splashing out and a middle ground for everywhere that we include. Providing knowledge, options and choice is key: we recognize that everyone wants something different, so we provide a level of detail to enable you to make informed decisions and choices.

It's important to us that we include suggestions for getting away from the crowds and avoiding the over-trodden tourist trails, as well as including the essential information on the main sights. Our authors and researchers are encouraged to express opinion.

Our travel information is designed for travellers who are interested in the culture and the essence of a place, as well as seeing the sights and having fun. Our depth of cultural and historical context provides travellers with a true understanding of the places and people they are visiting, whilst encouraging sensitivity towards local communities.

Footprint Community

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