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Shutterstock/17926354/Ken DurdenVenice is an unbelievable city that floats in a world of its own. A city of romance and riches that is defined by its past. And what a past. During the Italian Renaissance this former maritime superpower was where east met west and where power and affluence fuelled unsurpassed creativity and the untrammelled pursuit of pleasure. This legacy, recalled in the city’s prolific art and architecture, is there for all to see and admire. Today, only great ingenuity stops its transcendent testimonies to the power of the imagination from crumbling into the sea. However, as their history proves, the Venetians can teach us all a thing or two about surviving, in style.

Beyond the marshlands of the lagoon lies the prosperous region of Veneto. Venice turned to its territories on terra firma when its maritime dominance began to wane and reaped the benefits of this fertile and industrious area. Veneto is strewn with Renaissance villas, fortified towns and undulating vineyards and topped by the snow-capped peaks of the Dolomites. It has other truly great cities too: Padua, with its awe-inspiring frescoes and illustrious university; the architectural splendour of Vicenza, a showcase for Palladio’s genius; and Roman-built Verona, a city infused by the legacies of dynastic rule and love.

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