Italian Lakes

Shutterstock/44766472/Alexander ChaikinThe Italian Lakes are a compelling part of Italy. Milan can appear to be a dispassionate capital of cool, where the blinkered worlds of fashion, design and finance take precedence over the Italian notion of living la dolce vita. However, while it may be the city that drives the Italian economy, it also takes time out to appreciate the sweet life. Once work is over, the Milanese know how and where to relax; they did, after all, invent the aperitivo ritual – they just plan it like a military operation. The world-famous La Scala theatre, splendid museums and galleries, and fine-dining restaurants featuring the wonderful wines and produce of northern Italy are all a focus of Milanese life – as they should be for your stay too! But when the weekend and holidays arrive, the Milanese and residents of other towns and cities of the region know that their reward is right on their doorsteps – the treasures that are the Italian Lakes.

With their grand hotels, luxuriant villa gardens, boating, biking and hiking, brilliant restaurants and laid-back cafés and bars, the lakes are the reward for the hard-working northern Italians. Near every lake there is a wonderful city to explore, such as Bergamo with its atmospheric streets and fine food, Cremona, where the air is filled with classical music and the sounds of stringed instruments being handcrafted, and Verona, with its unique outdoor opera season and frequent festivals celebrating the bounty of the region. Hard work, after all, should have its pay-offs.

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