Welcome to the land of cream tea and screaming rugby fans! Only in England can you see historical cities such as the World UNESCO site of Bath by day, and celebrate life with some of the edgiest nightlife in Europe. The landscape is incredibly varied, and you can see the moving beauty of coastline, the mysterious foggy moors, and the rolling hills of green dotted with sheep that take up most of the countryside. Castles and historic sites can be found everywhere, so your trip should not be restricted to well known places such as London, as wonderful as it is. Visits should include a visit to the pub, the centre of British culture, for a pint and freshly caught fish and chips. 

Everywhere you look there's something being organised: DJ-driven clubnights, art show openings, village fetes and game fairs, car boot sales, antique road shows, book markets, guided walks and talks. England may be busy, but it's not all about frenzied activity. There are settled and peaceful pleasures to be found up and down the land as well. 

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