Land of the free, home of the brave…the United States is a country that still emulates its ideology through a proud and patriotic people. And a lot they have to be proud of: they reside in the third largest country in the world, made up of 50 states – all with a distinctive landscape and character. From the spectacular Rocky mountains in the west to the sprawling Appalachian mountains in the east, the giant cedars of California, the canyons of Nevada, and the great lakes bordering Canada to the deserts bordering Mexico: America’s landscape is truly breathtaking. No wonder people feel inspired to take to their cars for legendary road trips to enjoy this splendour. 

An equal to its landscape is America’s plethora of cities, each conjuring up a distinct look and feel. Like the capital, Washington DC which is expectantly swathed in the nations colourful history; New York, an assault on the senses and everything you would expect of a city that never sleeps; and LA, unashamedly flamboyant under its Hollywood sign, the promised land for many a hopeful star. With so many experiences on offer the hardest bit is deciding which piece of the pie to go for….blueberry is always good.

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