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Travellers who choose to visit Canada are characteristically nature lovers or sports enthusiasts who enjoy direct interaction with the great outdoors. Most of the population resides along the east and west coast cities of Vancouver, Quebec, Edmonton, Montreal and Toronto. The remaining wilderness above and between is as diverse as it is vast, containing row upon row of lofty ice-capped mountains, huge lakes, mighty rivers, dense forests, broad valleys and plateaux, wide open prairie, steep-sided canyons, glaciers and ice fields, Arctic tundra and even the odd patch of cactus-spattered desert or bizarre Badlands moonscape. The lush coastline is punctuated by long, narrow fjords and fringed with islands of all sizes.

Canada was one of the last places on Earth to be ‘discovered’ by Europeans, and as the land was previously occupied by people who were defined by reverence and respect for their environment, and as prophets of sustainability, this paradise has not yet been spoilt. It is one of the last remaining, easily accessible places on Earth where nature can be experienced in her most wild and pristine state, replete with ancient trees and increasingly rare large mammals.

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