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Peru's high season in the highlands is from May to September, when the weather is most stable for hiking and climbing. At this time the days are generally clear and sunny, though nights can be very cold at high altitude. During the wettest months in the highlands, November to April, some roads become impassable and hiking trails can be very muddy. April and May, at the end of the highland rainy season, is a beautiful time to see the Peruvian Andes, but the rain may linger, so be prepared.

On the coast, high season is September, and Christmas to February. The summer months are from December to April, but from approximately May to October much of this area is covered with
la garúa
, a blanket of cloud and mist. At this time only the northern beaches near Tumbes are warm and pleasant enough for swimming. The best time to visit the jungle is during the dry season, from April to October. During the wet season (November to April), it is oppressively hot (40°C and above) and while it only rains for a few hours at a time, which is not enough to spoil your trip, it is enough to make some roads virtually impassable making travel more difficult.

The high season for foreign tourism is from June to September while national tourism peaks on certain holidays, Navidad, Semana Santa and Fiestas Patrias. Prices rise and accommodation and bus tickets are harder to come by. If you know when you will be travelling buy your tickets in advance.
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