Piura and around

A proud and historic city, 264 km from Chiclayo, Piura was founded as San Miguel at Tangarará in 1532, three years before Lima, by the conquistadores left behind by Pizarro. It was relocated, first as Pirwa, then with its current name, in 1534. There are two well-kept parks, Cortés and Pizarro (with a statue of the conquistador, also called Plaza de las Tres Culturas), and public gardens. Old buildings are kept in repair and new buildings blend with the Spanish style of the old city. Close to the city are interesting towns on the coast and others specializing in handicrafts. Further afield is the culturally fascinating area of Las Guaringas and the more prosaic route to Ecuador through Sullana.

Getting there

There is an airport. Most bus companies are on Avenida Sánchez Cerro, blocks 11, 12 and 13 in the northwest of the town. There are some hotels in this area, but for central ones take a taxi.

Getting around

From the Plaza de Armas, some of the hotels and bus companies are too far to walk, but many of the sights and places to stay can be reached on foot. Three bridges cross the Río Piura to Castilla, the oldest from Calle Huancavelica (Puente San Miguel), another from Calle Sánchez Cerro and the newest from Avenida Panamericana Norte, west of town. A fourth bridge was lost in El Niño of 1997-1998. Transport to nearby towns is easy to find, likewise buses going to Sullana and on to Ecuador. For Las Guaringas, expect a long journey.

Tourist information

Information at the
tourist office
, www.munipiura.gob.pe/turismo
helpful when there are consumer and tourist protection problem issues.

Best time to visit

The winter climate, May to September, is very pleasant although nights can be cold and the wind piercing, while December to March is very hot. It is extremely difficult to find a room in the last week of July because of Independence festivities. The city suffers from water shortages.

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