Aguas Calientes

Only 1.5 km back along the railway from Puente Ruinas, this is a popular resting place for those recovering from the rigours of the Inca Trail. It is named Aguas Calientes (or just Aguas) after the hot springs above the town. It is also called the town of Machu Picchu. Most activity is centred around the old railway station, on the plaza, or on Avenida Pachac├║tec, which leads from the plaza to the
thermal baths
. They consist of a communal pool, which smells a bit sulphurous, 10 minutes' walk from the town. There are basic toilets, changing facilities and showers. Take soap and shampoo and keep an eye on your valuables. The new
Museo Manuel Chávez Ballon
, displays objects found at Machu Picchu.

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