Ins and outs

Getting there

It is possible to fly from Lima to the small airport at Anta, just north of Huaraz, with LC Busre. There are three main overland routes to reach the Cordillera Blanca. Probably the easiest is the paved road that branches east off the Pan-American Highway north of Pativilca at Km 209 . Further north, a second route is via the Callán pass from Casma to Huaraz , a rough but beautiful trip through the heart of the Cordillera Negra. The third option is from Chimbote to Caraz via the Cañón del Pato, with magnificent views of this spectacular canyon. The main access to the Cordillera Huayhuash is from Huaraz. Cajatambo, the southern access point, can be reached from Lima by bus and the area can also be reached by bus on the Huánuco-La Unión-Huaraz route

Getting around

In the Cordillera Blanca minibuses run between most of the towns on a regular basis, while more remote places have less frequent services. Several roads are being improved to cope with mining traffic. Of course, on some routes, you can always walk!

Best time to visit

The dry season (May-October) is the best time to visit the region and the only time for climbing most summits. Trekking is also possible at other times of the year, but conditions are less amenable and the views are less rewarding. Christmas to New Year is a popular time for foreigners seeking an exotic location to spend the holidays.

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