East of La Oroya and La Selva Central

From La Oroya, a paved road heads north towards Cerro de Pasco and Huánuco. After 25 km a turn-off branches east and drops 600 m before it reaches Tarma, which is 30 km off the Carretera Central. Beyond Tarma the road continues its steep descent. In the 80 km between Tarma and La Merced the road, passing by great overhanging cliffs, drops 2450 m and the vegetation changes dramatically from temperate to tropical. This is a really beautiful run, leading to Peru's central jungle area which, until recently, has received scant attention compared with the Iquitos and southeastern areas. All this is about to change.

Ins and outs

The main city of this region, Tarma, is easily reached by road from Lima in six hours, and from Huancayo in three hours. From Tarma, roads descend the eastern flanks of the Andes to the Selva Central. Tourist information is available in Tarma,
. The office is very helpful and has good displays on the walls about the surrounding area.

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