Tambopata National Reserve (TNR)

From Puerto Maldonado you can visit the Tambopata National Reserve by travelling up the Tambopata river or down the Madre de Dios. The area was first declared a reserve in 1990 and is a very reasonable alternative for those who do not have the time or money to visit Manu. It is a close rival in terms of seeing wildlife and boasts some superb oxbow lakes. There are a number of lodges here which are excellent for lowland rainforest birding. Explorers' Inn is perhaps the most famous, but the Posada Amazonas/Tambopata Research Centre and Libertador Tambopata Lodge are also good. In an effort to ensure that more tourism income stays in the area, a few local families have established their own small-scale casas de hospedaje, which offer more basic facilities and make use of the nearby forest.

Ins and outs

There is a fee to enter the TNR which is paid for up to five days, it will be more if going beyond the Collpa Chuncho. This is included in lodge packages.

Bahuaja-Sonene National Park

Bahuaja-Sonene National Park
runs from the Río Heath, which forms the Bolivian border, across to the Río Tambopata, 50-80 km upstream from Puerto Maldonado. It was expanded to 1,091,416 ha in August 2000, with the Tambopata National Reserve (254,358 ha) created to form a buffer zone. The park is closed to visitors though those visiting the
(macaw lick) on the Tambopata or river rafting down the Tambopata will travel through it.

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