Paraguay Travel Guide

This Paraguay travel guide seeks to dispel the cloud of mystery that hangs over this under-explored pocket of South America: a country of farmland, forest and folklore. From the hot, wild impenetrable Chaco in the north to the lush tropical south, there is a wide variety of landscapes, abundant flora and fauna and great opportunities for rural tourism. Like Argentina and Brazil, land-locked Paraguay has the remains of the Mission settlements built by Jesuits near the banks of the Río Paraná. The road to Bolivia is finally completed; travel the Trans-Chaco for one of the great road adventures in South America.

Paraguay Travel Guide Highlights
Paraguay Travel Guide Asuncion
The capital and Paraguay's largest city, with many buildings dating from the early 19th century.
Paraguay Travel Guide Jesuit Missions
Jesuit Missions
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, testimony to one of the major social experiments on the continent.
Paraguay Travel Guide Itaipu
Find out more about this major hydroelectric project and visit the zoo and Guaraní museum nearby.
Paraguay Travel Guide Chaco
Perfect for those who want to escape into the wilderness and experience nature at its finest.

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