Panama Travel Guide

On the edge of the world stage and at the heart of global capitalism, the isthmus of Panama is a paradoxical place. it has long been a conduit for powerful international forces, but it is also a peripheral Central American state and home to some of the most remote wilderness on the planet. As a nation, it is both globally and locally orientated, forever gazing outward to the world and inward to its own soul. It is bound by patriotism, but sustained by foreign influence; united under the flag, but fragmented into a multitude of cultural forms. 

Today the isthmus is a fiercely multi-ethnic place, blending vibrant flavours from Europe, Asia and Africa and indigenous America. As a bridge between the continents , it is a bastion of ecological diversity too. A third of the national territory is an officially protected area with tropical rainforests, wetlands, rivers, mountains, cloud forests, offshore islands and coral reefs playing host to some of the most biologically varied and brilliantly coloured wildlife anywhere. 

Panama Travel Guide Highlights

Panama travel guide: Panama Canal, Photo by Andrejs Polivanovs
Panama Canal
An intriguing feat of engineering surrounded by stunning scenery.
Panama travel guide: Isla de Coiba, Panama, photo by Ian Woolcock
Isla de Coiba
A wildlife reserve with macaws, a coral reef and 23 species of whale and dolphin.
Panama travel guide: Bocas del Toro, Panama, photo by Castillolj
Bocas del Toro
Central America’s emerging backpacker beach stop.
Panama travel guide: Panama diving, Panama, Photo by Vilainecrevette
There are lots of opportunities to try Panama’s best locally developed sport.
Panama travel guide: San Blas Islands, Panama, Photo by Rjlerich
San Blas Islands
For the adventurous: a unique opportunity to sail to Colombia.
Panama Travel Guide: Camino Real, Photo by Kikkerdirk
Camino Real
A beautiful hike alongside rivers and jungles, good for all fitness levels.
Panama travel guide: Chiriqui, Panama, Photo by Somanyways
An ideal place for hiking, horse riding, fishing, rafting, and birdwatching. 
Panama travel guide: Portobelo, Panama, Photo by Koubatian
The “Beautiful Port” has seen explorers from Columbus to Francis Drake.
Panama travel guide: Panama Viejo, Panama, Photo by Lostrock
Panama Viejo
Explore the ruins here, which are full
of history, and recommended
for a short trip.
Panama travel guide: Isla Grande, Panama, Photo by s mestdagh
Isla Grande
A favourite due to its relaxed lifestyle, activities like fishing and diving, and dazzling white palm-fringed beaches. 


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