Managua to Rama

San Benito
, 35 km from Managua on the Pan-American Highway going north, the Atlantic Highway branches east, paved all the way to Rama on the Río Escondido. Shortly after Teustepe, a paved road goes northeast to Boaco. A turn-off, unpaved, goes to
Santa Lucía
, a village inside a crater, with a women's handicraft shop. There is also a cooperative here with an organic farming programme (information from
in Matagalpa).
(84 km from Managua) is called the city of two floors because of its split-level nature. The upper floor has a nice square with good views of the countryside.


The Atlantic Highway continues through Juigalpa, a pleasant town with one of the best museums in Nicaragua,
Museo Gregorio Aguilar Barea
, housing a collection of idols resembling those at San Agustín, Colombia. The bus terminal is in the town centre near the market, up the hill. Banks accept dollars in cash only.


The main road continues east to
Santo Tomás
and smaller villages (including La Gateada, connected by air from Managua via San Carlos on Friday with
La Costeña
, then to
Cara de Mono
, on the Río Mico, and finally to
, 290 km from Managua. From Rama, you can take a boat to Bluefields or the daily bus to Pearl Lagoon. This is on a new road, and is an alternative way to travel to the coast. From Pearl Lagoon,
sail to Bluefields.

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