Nicaragua Travel Guide

Nicaragua is a nation born out of poetry, fire and brazen revolutionary spirit. Few countries can boast such an authentic character. The 1979 Sandinista Revolution, more than any other historical episode, is indelibly etched on the Nicaraguan psyche. As a moment of profound self-realization, it continues to inspire great national pride and endless passionate discourse. 

Sadly, years of counter-revolutionary violence have left their mark too. Broken infrastructure, poverty, high unemployment and a lingering negative image are the legacies of over a decade of civil war. Fortunately, Nicaragua is today at lasting peace and very much on its way up, however, travelling in Nicaragua remains a challenging, intense adventure. 

Despite the country's continuing hardships, Nicaraguan culture - heavily revitalized by Sandinista arts programmes in the 1980s - is among the most celebrated in Central America. For those willing to take the plunge, Nicaragua's ethereal natural beauty and endless anarchic charms tend to leave deep and lasting impressions. 

Nicaragua Travel Guide Highlights
Nicaragua travel guide: Managua, Nicaragua, Photo by: Jorge Mejia
Earthquakes have dramatically affected the capital's buildings, like the Catedral Vieja.
Nicaragua travel guide: Volcán Masaya, Nicaragua, Photo by Sergey Suhanov
Volcán Masaya
Near the colonial city of Masaya is a great excursion up to this volcano's summit.
Nicaragua travel guide: Volcán Momotombo, Nicaragua, Photo by Tom Dowd
Volcán Momotombo
Overlooking Lake Managua, this volcano has lovely hikes, with beautiful views.
Nicaragua travel guide: cathedral, Granada, Nicaragua, Photo by Scott Griessel
One of the country's best preserved colonial cities, in a magnificent setting.
Nicaragua travel guide: Calvario church, León, Nicaragua, Photo by Tom Dowd
This pretty town is known for its fine colonial churches and rich history.
Nicaragua travel guide: Corn Islands, Nicaragua, Photo by Sergey Suhanov
Corn Islands
White sand beaches fringed with palm trees in the Caribbean region.
Nicaragua travel guide: Ometepe, Nicaragua, Photo by Tomasz Pado
A freshwater island with superb views from its volcanic peaks.
Nicaragua travel guide: Poneloya, Nicaragua, Photo by Flicker
A fabulous beach hangout with good surfing.
Nicaragua travel guide: Río San Juan, Nicaragua, Photo by Holger Mette
Río San Juan
Nature tourism at its best in one of the region's most pristine forest.
Nicaragua travel guide: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, Photo by Bram De Haan
San Juan del Sur
Experience the unbeatable sunsets from this beach on the Pacific coast.

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