Acapulco to Zihuatanejo

West of Acapulco, transit along coastal Highway 200 is simple, smooth and generally quite rapid. Increasingly, however, there are military checkpoints. Beyond
, the road heads inland and the first place of any real size is
San Jerónimo
, roughly 100 km west of Acapulco. Here, a detour leads to a verdant lagoon and windswept beaches of
Paraíso Escondido
; turn south before crossing the bridge into town and continue through the villages of
Arenal de Alvarez
Hacienda de Cabañas

Back on Highway 200, west of San Jerónimo, the next sizeable settlement is
, capital of the municipality with the same name. Nearby there is a beach at
; take a southbound detour to get there. As Highway 200 continues west, it skirts the shores of
Laguna El Veinte
before passing the small towns of
San Luis Pedro
San Luis de la Loma
, almost a single settlement. Further on, it dips briefly towards the shore, offering access to the rugged beaches of
Piedra Tlalcoyunque
Ojo de Agua
and the small community of
Puerto Vicente Guerrero

is the next sizeable settlement, followed by
Coyuquila Norte
, after which the highway dips back to the ocean. Some of the coast here is quite rugged, and there are good surf beaches around the village of
Loma Bonita
; basic accommodation is available, just ask around.

Next, the highway passes through the small town of
before arriving at the more sizeable settlement of
. Just beyond town, a turning heads to the village of
Soledad de Maciel
, also known as La Chole, site of an important pre-Hispanic settlement. Archaeologists have uncovered some pyramids, plazas and a ball court here. Back on Highway 200, you will pass a string of small settlements before arriving at Zihuatanejo. At
Los Achotes
is the turning for popular the fishing settlement of
Barra de Potosí
, although many people like to visit as a day trip from Zihuatanejo .

Barra de Potosí

Backed by peaceful green hills, the small fishing of Barra de Potosí, 40 minutes south of Zihuatanejo, makes a great contrast to the some of the more densely populated stretches of the Guerrero coast. Wonderfully rustic and utterly devoid of high-rise settlements, this beautiful sandy beach arcs around a vast curved bay. There is absolutely nothing to do here but relax in a hammock, swim in the sea and dine on a feast of freshly caught fish. Nearby is the
Laguna de Potosí
, with many species of aquatic birds. Fishermen may give you a tour in their boats, otherwise try
Zoe Kayak Tours
in Zihuatanejo for a gentler, more intimate encounter with the wildlife.

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