The Guerrero Coast

Shutterstock/13428703/cspPunctuated by miles and miles of entrancing beaches, Guerrero's incandescent coastline is as alluring as it is legendary. But sadly, its intense natural beauty made it the focus of several resort developments - Acapulco the first and foremost among them. Immortalized by Hollywood film stars, this paragon of sun-kissed hedonism is now wanton and decayed, but its love of a great party has not abated. This is still the place to dance away the evening in some raucous nightclub or pleasure cruiser. Further west, Zihuatanejo offers a calmer, low-key alternative to Acapulco's excesses, while the planned resort of Ixtapa is a bleak example of tourist development at its most sterile. At all these places you can partake in ocean-bound activities such as sailing, sports fishing, jet-skiing and diving. And the seafood, freshly caught and prepared with all the flair and exuberance you'd expect, is delicious.

Fortunately, Guerrero's rugged topography means that it has remained, in part, relatively secluded from the world. Between the high-rise hotels and gaudy souvenir shops there are pockets of lavish natural beauty. Teeming estuaries and emerald-coloured lagoons are populated by brightly coloured birdlife, weird-looking amphibians and carnivorous reptiles. A sublime underwater world plays host to psychedelic coral reefs, whales, dolphins and schools of tropical fish. Turtles, too, lay their eggs on Guerrero's shores. From calm bays with translucent waters to isolated surf-pounded beaches backed by rugged cliffs, Guerrero promises a host of ecological attractions for those willing to depart the well-worn tourist routes. More than this, a plethora of sleepy rural villages are home to obscure local cultures, gregarious fishermen and a way of life that hasn't changed for centuries. What better place to sling a hammock and soak up the sunset?

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