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The best time to visit Mexico is between October and April, although there are slight regional variations. The rainy season works its way up from the south beginning in May and running through until August, September and even October. This is also hurricane season along the Caribbean. Despite the high profile storm of Hurricane Wilma and a few lesser-known local hurricanes and tropical storms, landfall is relatively rare. If a hurricane does arrive while you're in the area you can get details at But don't be put off by the term 'rainy season' - in most places and in most years, heavy rain falls for an hour or two a day.

If the time and mood is right, there is little to beat a Mexican
. Fine costumes, loud music, the sounds of firecrackers tipped off with the gentle wafting of specially prepared foods all (normally) with a drink or two. Whether you're seeking the carnival or happen to stumble across a celebration, the events - big or small - are memorable.

One of the best times to visit Mexico is for the Carnival
is, normally the week before the start of Lent, when you can see some colourful processions. Semana Santa (Easter Week) is an understandably more spiritual affair. On 2 November is Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), a famous celebration in Mexico when families visit cemeteries to honour the dead. Christmas and New Year result in celebrations of some kind, but not always public.

Public holidays
throughout the region lead to a complete shutdown in services. No banks, government offices, usually no shops and often far fewer restaurants and bars are open. It is worth keeping an eye on the calendar to avoid changing money or trying to make travel arrangements on public holidays.
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