Mexico Itinerary

Deciding on your Mexico itinerary can be a challenge. The country is so huge, with so much to offer, that it is impossible to see everything you want to see in one trip. Below are four example itineraries, ranging from one week to four weeks.

Mexico Travel Guide: Itinerary, Photo by Humberto Ortega
Mexico Itinerary: One week

Sadly, one week is barely enough for a teasing taste of Mexico. In such cases, to avoid spending your time on buses, you are strongly advised to limit your trip to a single city or town and its environs. Mexico City is particularly good for this, as are Oaxaca, San Cristóbal de las Casas and Mérida. The colonial splendour of central Mexico can be enjoyed on a relatively compact route from the capital. Commence your journey in Mexico City and head to the historic city of Querétaro. Continue northwest to the fabled town of San Miguel de Allende, now inundated with gringos but still a handsome place. Guanajuato is the next major stop, a UNESECO World Heritage Site replete with stunning architecture. Next head to the fantastic silver mining city of Zacatecas, stopping en route at San Luis Potosí if you have time. From Zacatecas you have the option to continue to Durango and the northern highlands, some five hours away.

Mexico Itinerary: Two weeks

If you have a yearning for wide open spaces and rugged topography, head north. Commence your trip in Durango and visit some Wild West film sets to get in the spirit. Then continue to the old mining town Hidalgo de Parral and honour the fallen bandit-hero of the Mexican revolution, Pancho Villa. From Parral head to Chihuahua, stock up on some leather boots and catch the bus or train to Creel - the heart of the Copper Canyon. You could easily spend a week exploring the endlessly dramatic countryside before taking the memorable Chihuahua al Pacífico railway to Los Mochis. From there, you can connect with Baja California or the Pacific Coast. Alternatively, after a few days' exploring Mexico City, head south to the beaches of Oaxaca, before making your way east to San Cristóbal and the Maya ruins of Palenque. Near here is the remote Selva Lacandón, Bonampak and Yaxchilán. From here continue south to Guatemala or out to the Yucatán Peninsula for the beautiful beaches and more Maya ruins of Chichén Itza and Tulum.

Mexico Itinerary: Three weeks/a month

You may require three to six months for a really thorough (although by no means complete) exploration of Mexico. A single month, however, should provide a solid sense of any given region. This is also long enough to follow the fabled travellers' route from Mexico City to Tulum. If you're happy to keep on the move, plenty of ground can still be covered in just two weeks, thanks to a fairly efficient bus system.You can cross the US-Mexico border at several points. From Laredo, the route heads south through Monterrey and the port of Tampico before veering inland through the silver mining centre of Pachuca and on to Mexico City. From Ciudad Juárez on the border, it's a short trip to Chihuahua, the vast Copper Canyon and the glorious railroad down to the Pacific Ocean. The famous train journey is one of several options for leaving Chihuahua on a route heading south that takes in the old silver towns of the colonial heartland of Zacatecas and San Luis Potosí. On the west coast, Tijuana offers the simplest route to the rugged desert beauty of the Baja California Peninsula, popular for beaches and whale watching. This is also an alternative (and longer) route to the Copper Canyon via Los Mochis. After the Pacific Costa Alegre, head inland for Guadalajara and then Mexico City. Continue southeast from the Mexican Central Highlands to Guatemala and follow the route south, or take in Belize after travelling through the Yucatán Peninsula.

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