Chihuahua to Durango

From Chihuahua to Durango, highways and bus journeys lengthen inconsolably. Under the searing white hot horizons, everything is tempered by patience - harsh, uncompromising, unrelenting patience. Hours pass between settlements: nowhere towns of dust, rock and mournful scratching roosters. Gnarled posts and rusty wire fences demarcate miles of rolling territory, all flanked by wild mountains, plateaux rock towers and table-tops. Slender horses graze hopefully, flocks of black crows break the monotony, and ruined houses sprout weeds from their crumbling mud-brick walls, lost in time, lost in space. Highway 45 is particularly relentless, but rewarded with a stop at the endearing and off-beat mining town of Hidalgo del Parral, where Pancho Villa was spectacularly assassinated. Further
south, the handsome city of Durango is a bastion of northern pride, hospitality and elegance, but still very much in touch with its rugged root. Hundreds of Westerns have been shot in its entrancing desert environs, alive with grandeur, energy and endless legends of bravery.

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