History of Mexico

The history of Mexico dates back to when the earth's water was locked up as ice and sea levels were much lower than today.  This was 10,000 years ago when the first Mesoamerican peoples were nomadic hunter-gatherers possessing simple stone technologies and an appetite for mammoth.  TheFormative Era of 2000 BC brought an establishment of  all the key socio-political structures, symbols, technologies and religious ideas that define the subsequent ages of the Mesoamerican tradition. 200 AD marked the growth of  powerful urbanized empires, and the creative peak of the arts and science.  Following Columbus' voyages of 1492-1504 the Spanish focused their attention on the Caribbean islands but were disappointed to find a lack of gold and silver.  With the transition to the colonial period, there was conflict around the Spanish monarch.  Mexico proposed independence but with three guarantees to reassure the Peninsulares: a European prince was to be found for the throne; Catholicism was to be the state religion and there was to be equality of Creoles and Spaniards.  This prompted a revolution and, in a shocking transition period, the after math brought positive changes to economic policy. 

First Settlers
Formative Era
Classic Period
Post-Classic Period
Spanish Conquest
Colonial Period
19th Century
Mexican Revolution
Mexico since the Revolution

Key Periods in the History of Mexico

Mexico Travel Guide: Maize, Photo by Andrew Butko
First Settlers
By 5000 BC, maize was grown and stored in large quantities.

Mexico Travel Guide: Independence, Photo by Atanas Bozhikov
The quest for independence transformed the country.
Mexico Travel Guide: Gold Dust, Photo by Greenhorn1
Spanish Conquest

The search for gold and silver in the Carribean contributed to the spanish conquest.
Mexico Travel Guide: After Revolution, Photo byStephan Scherhag
Mexico Since the Revolution
Economic development occured after the revolution.

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