Getting around Mexico

It may sound obvious but Mexico is larger than many people realize. Be realistic about distances. Travelling from Tijuana to Cancún non-stop by bus takes at least three days and costs US$280-350. If time is short, an internal flight might not work out much more expensive once factors such as food and recovery time have been taken into account.

That said, bus travel remains the most popular style of transport for independent travellers in Mexico. An excellent network criss-crosses the region varying in quality from luxurious intercity cruisers with air conditioning, videos and fully reclining seats, to beaten-up US-style school buses or 'chicken buses'. Travelling under your own steam is very common too. Driving your own vehicle - car, camper van, motorbike and bicycle - offers wonderful freedom and may not be as expensive or as bureaucratic as you think.

Generally, getting around in Mexico is rarely a problem whatever your chosen mode of transport. There is just one caveat that stands good across all situations: be patient when asking directions. Often Mexicans will give you the wrong answer rather than admit they do not know. Distances are notoriously inaccurate so ask a few people.

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