Mexico Travel Guide

Use this Mexico travel guide to explore a land of unbridled energy and bravado. Conquest, colonialism and revolutionary upheavals have all stamped their mark on national character, but above all, the Mexican psyche is tied to the land, in all its diversity. The deserts, mountains, jungles and miles of lavish coastline were all regarded as sacred by the builders of Mexico's ancient pyramids.

Mexico is a dazzling celebration of ethnic diversity. Sierras conceal pockets of indigenous tradition where the gods of maize, earth and sky are still revered. Elsewhere, native and European bloodlines have fused in to a uniquely expressive
culture with world class literature, art, films, and sizzling culinary creations among its output. This Mexico travel guide will help you explore a land where the national obsession with death is tempered by an irrepressible love of life, family and a roaring good fiesta. Such occasions are invariably marked by raucous good humour, feisty music, blazing colours, passion and dance. Viva Mexico!

Mexico Travel Guide Highlights
Mexico Travel Guide: Teotihuacán
A truly monumental Mayan site featuring the world's third largest pyramid.
Chichén Itzá, Mayan ruin, Mexico, Photo by Celso Flores
Chichén Itzá
Quintessential Mayan ruin featuring grand pyramids, ball courts and astronomically aligned temples.
San Cristóbal de las Casas, Photo by Georgia Kral
San Cristóbal  de las Casas
The capital of Mexico's Mayan highlands and a fascinating stronghold of indigenous culture.
Zihuatanejo, Mexico, Photo by Kevin Briody
A former hippy-hideout turned low-key Pacific beach resort.
Taxco, Mexico, Photo by French Hope
Colonial architecture, cobblestone streets and the best silver shopping in Mexico.
The Copper Canyon railway, Mexico, Photo by Bruce Raynor
The Copper Canyon railway
An astonishing world-famous rail journey through one of the earth's most awesome canyon systems.
Guadalajara, Mexico, Photo by Elena Elisseeva
Mexico's second city is the home of great national institutions, crooning mariachis among them.
Puerto Econdido, Mexico, Photo by elfidomx
Puerto Escondido
This classic Pacific beach town hosts great paties and world-class surfing waves.
Parque Nacional Cumbres de Monterrey, Photo by Esparta
Parque Nacional Cumbres de Monterrey
Rugged beauty and endless hiking opportunities in this soaring national park.
Palenque, Mayan ruins, Mexico, Photo by Carlos Adampol
Eerily atmospheric Mayan ruins with a misty rainforest backdrop.
Oaxaca City, Mexico, Photo by bcampbell65
Oaxaca City
A bastion of contemporary art, culture and colonial grandeur.
Zacatecas, Mexico, Photo by tetrabrain
A vibrant colonial masterpiece that's well off the established tourist trail.

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