The Shackleton Epic

The story of Ernest Shackletons epic voyage across the worlds harshest waters is a tale of leadership, commitment, passion, skill and courage. Following the sinking of his ship, Endurance during a Transatlantic Expedition in 1915, Shackleton’s only concern was to save his men. Setting sail from Elephant Island on an 800 nautical mile voyage to South Georgia in one the Endurance’s lifeboats with a crew of just 5 they battled against raging seas and cyclonic winds. Against the odds, they landed in King Haakon Bay some 16 days later, hungry and exhausted. The water crossing was a feat in itself, but Shackleton and one of his crew members then went on to climb the 3000ft mountain range and glaciers that lay between them and rescue. The Shackleton family motto of Fortitudine Vincimus (By Endurance We Conquer) had certainly been put to the test and validated.

Yesterday Intrepid Travel (presenting sponsor) launched the “Shackleton Epic” which will see veteran explorer Tim Jarvis and his crew attempting to recreate Shackleton's incredible voyage across the Southern Ocean, and his subsequent crossing of the island's mountains: Tim and his team will be using a replica lifeboat, equipment and technologies to those available Shackleton back in 1916.


The voyage is taking place to honour Shackleton's remarkable survival feat against the odds and to raise awareness of environmental changes and the need to protect the Antarctic. The expedition will raise funds for Flora and Fauna International to support its biodiversity conservation programmes.


For those hardy souls with an insatiable thirst for adventure (and pretty deep pockets), there are ten places up for grabs on Pelican, the classic clipper ship being used as a support vessel to Tim and his crew during this epic 56 day Antarctic expedition ….. you will however have to find £19,250 to secure a berth!

 What an amazing adventure lies ahead for Tim, his crew, and the lucky people who sail alongside them. Best of luck from all of us here at Footprint!

To learn more about this incredible expedition watch the video and visit 

 Intrepid Travel


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