Getting there


Tegucigalpa, La Ceiba, San Pedro Sula and Roatán all have international airports.


There are numerous border crossings. With
to the west you can cross near Copán Ruinas at El Florido, on the Caribbean coast at Corinto or to the south at Agua Caliente. For
El Salvador
there are crossings at El Poy, leading to Suchitoto in the west, and Perquín leading to San Miguel and the east. For
the border post town of Guasale in the south leads 116 km on a very bad road to the Nicaraguan town of León, while the inland routes at Las Manos and El Espino guide you to Estelí and Matagalpa, in the northern hills. Crossing to Nicaragua through the Mosquitia coast is not possible - officially at least.

Taxes are charged on entry and exit at land borders, but the amount varies, despite notices asking you to denounce corruption. Entry is 60 lempiras and exit is 30 lempiras. Double is charged on Sunday. If officials make an excess charge for entry or exit, ask for a receipt. Do not attempt to enter Honduras at an unstaffed border. When it is discovered that you have no entry stamp you will either be fined or escorted to the border, and you will have to pay the guard's food and lodging; or you can spend a night in jail.


A regular weekly service departing Mondays at 1100 links Puerto Cortés with Mango Creek and Placencia, in Belize.

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