Eating and drinking

The cheapest meals are the
comida corriente
, or the sometimes better prepared and more expensive
comida típica
, which usually contain some of the following: beans, rice, meat, avocado, egg, cabbage salad, cheese, bananas, potatoes or yucca, and always tortillas.
Carne asada
is charcoal-roasted meat and served with grated cabbage between tortillas; it is good, although rarely prepared hygienically. Make sure that pork is properly cooked.
are crisp, fried
chips topped with grated cabbage and sometimes meat;
are ground, dry maize mixed with meat and seasoning, boiled in banana leaves.
are soft flour tortillas filled with beans and various combinations of butter, egg, cheese and cabbage.
are thick corn tortillas filled with
(pork scratchings), or cheese, served as snacks with beer.
is a stew with meat or fish, plantain, yucca and coconut milk.
are meat, poultry, or shrimp kebabs.
Sopa de mondongo
(tripe soup) is very common.

Fish is sold on the beaches at Trujillo and Cedeño. While on the north coast, look out for
pan de coco
(coconut bread) made by Garífuna (Black Carib) women, and
sopa de camarones
(prawn soup) prepared with coconut milk and lemon juice. Honduras is now a major producer of tilapia with exports to the US and fresh tilapia available in many restaurants.


Soft drinks are called
, or
(the name also given to fresh fruit blended with water, make sure you check that bottled water is used as tap water is unsafe);
are fruit blended with milk. Bottled drinking water is available in most places.
is morro seeds, rice water and cinnamon. Coffee is thick and sweet. The main brands of
are Port Royal Export, Imperial, Nacional, Barena and Salva Vida (more malty than the others). Local
is cheap, try Flor de Caña white, or seven-year-old amber. Twelve-year-old Flor de Caña Centenario is regarded as the best.

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