Guianas Travel Guide

The coastal region of Guyana is dominated by a mix of Calypso music, Hindu temples and Demerara sugar. Travel inland to remote rainforests, wildlife-rich savannahs and isolated ranches. Suriname also has an intriguing combination of Dutch, Asian and African, influencing culture, food and street life.
Guyane is an overseas department of France, with a famous former penal colony on Iles du Salut, a European space programme at Kourou and jungle adventure. Use this Guianas travel guide to this trio of countries where coffee and croissants are served and the prices are more than Parisian.

Guianas Travel Guide Highlights
Guianas travel guide: Georgetown, Guayana, Guianas, Photo by Wilderness Explorers
Explore Guyana's appealing tropical capital.
Guianas travel guide: Paramaribo, Suriname, Guianas, Photo by madmack66
Fine Dutch colonial buildings in Suriname's capital.
Guianas travel guide: Kaietur Falls, photo by Wilderness Explorers
Kaieteur Falls
The Potaro river dives 228 m off the edge of the jungle in Guyana. 
Guianas travel guide: Central Suriname Nature Reserve, Suriname, Guianas, Photo by Steve Wilson
Central Suriname Nature Reserve
A protected rainforest region on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Guianas travel guide: Iwokrama, Guyana, Guianas, Photo by Amskad
Rainforest in Guyana with a 33 m-high canopy walkway.
Guianas travel guide: Kourou, Guyane, Guianas, Photo by flying singer
A famous European space centre in Guyane.
Guianas travel guide: Rupununi Savannah, Photo by treez44est
Rupununi Savannah
Vast grassland region in Guyana rich in wildlife.
Guianas travel guide: Iles du Salut, Guyane, Guianas, Photo by Gordeev20
Iles du Salut
Guyane's notorious former penal colony.

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