Guatemala Travel Guide

This vibrant country has a monopoly on colour, from the red lava of volcanoes in the Western Highlands to the creamy shades of the caves in the Petén, and from the white sand of the Caribbean near Lívingston to the black sand and fabulous orange sunsets over the Pacific at Monterrico. And that's just nature's palette. Completing this work of art are traditional Maya fiestas, like the colourful Todos Santos All Saints' Day horse race, and majestic jungle temples, most famously at Tikal.
Read our Guatemala travel guide for details on these places and more destinations.

Guatemala Travel Guide Highlights
Parque Nacional Tikal, Guatemala, Photo by Daniel Loncarevic
Majestic temples loom over the endless rainforest canopy.
Livingston, Guatemala, photo by Walter Rodriguez
Guatemala's Caribbean beach, home to the Garífuna people.
Antigua, Guatemala, Photo by szeke
The colonial centre of the New World has cobbled streets lined with pastel-coloured houses.
Santa Maria volcano, Santiaguitom volcano, Guatemala, Photo by Walter Rodriguez
Volcán Santa María
Hike up this extinct volcano for unbeatable views over the highlands.
Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala, photo by Adam Baker
Lake Atitlán
Vast volcanic lake lined with indigenous villages.
Zunil, Guatemala, Photo by Javier Ruata
Patchwork fields surround this highland town, famed for its thermal baths.
Monterrico, Pacific coast, Guatemala, Photo by kaldima
Nesting turtles bury in the black sand at this Pacific beach.
Chichicastenango market, Guatemala, Photo by DavidDennisPhotos
Barter for bargains at Chichi's famous markets.
San Andrés Xecul church, Guatemala, Photo by soyignatius
San Andrés Xecul
A small village with a vibrant painted church.
Lago de Izabal, Guatemala, Photo by Fernando Reyes PalenciaCOPYRIGHT
Lago de Izabal
Try and spot a manatee on the expansive Lago de Izabal.
Pacaya volcano, Guatemala, Photo by An en Alain
Volcán Pacaya
Get up close to a live volcano, with glowing lava flows.
Quirigua, Guatemala, Photo  by MeRyan
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the tallest Maya stelae ever found.

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