Falkland Islands

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220/240 volts at 50 cycles. Rectangular, 3-blade plug as in the UK.

Festivals and events

1 Jan
(New Year's Day),
Good Friday
21 Apr
(Queen's birthday),
14 Jun
(Liberation Day),
1st Mon in Oct
(Peat Cutting Monday),
8 Dec
(Battle Day). The main social event is the Christmas period,
24 Dec
(Christmas Eve),
25 Dec
(Christmas Day),
26 Dec
(Boxing Day and start of Stanley sports meeting), to 2-4 Jan. Everything closes except places to stay and eat.


for trout and mullet (South Atlantic cod) is superb. The main rivers are the Chartres and Warrah on West Falkland, and the San Carlos on East Falkland. The season for trout is officially 1 Sep to 30 Apr, but two distinct runs: Sep-mid Nov and Mar/Apr. A licence is not required for rod and line fishing; catch and release is encouraged. Mullet may be caught at any time. Falkland Islands zebra trout are protected and must never be caught. Most land is privately owned, including rivers and streams, always get permission from the owner, some of whom charge a fee (eg £10 on the San Carlos). Ask travel agents about regulations for specific areas and changes to daily bag limits.


There are several
courses on the islands (Stanley, Mount Pleasant, Goose Green, Fox Bay, Port Howard), some in better shape than others. Stanley's 18-hole course costs £5 a round; no club rental so you need to find clubs to borrow.


Public internet access is very limited.
Cable and Wireless
(Ross Rd), who have the monopoly, give access, as do the
Jetty Visitor Centre
(Ross Rd), Hillside (Stanley) and a few hotels and guest houses in Stanley. Internet costs £1 for 10 mins. Purchase a 1141 card to use WiFi .


The Falklands pound (£) is on a par with sterling. Local notes and coins. UK notes and coins are also legal tender. Falklands pounds cannot be used outside the islands. Currency from Ascension Island, where the airbridge stops, is not accepted. Foreign currency (including US dollars and euros) and traveller's cheques (TCs) can be changed at the
Standard Chartered Bank
, Ross Rd, Stanley. All establishments accept pounds sterling, some also accept US dollars and euros (check when booking). Credit cards and TCs are only accepted by a handful of operators. Visitors are advised to take cash where possible, or discuss alternative payment methods with operators prior to arrival. There are no ATMs on the Islands.

Opening hours

Office hours, including government departments: Mon-Fri 0800-1200, 1300-1630 (the 1200-1300 lunch hour in Stanley is religiously observed). Banking hours: 0830-1500.


There is direct and dependable air mail service from the UK. Heavy parcels come by sea from the UK every month.
A weekly DHL service is operated via
Falkland Islands Chamber of Commerce
. Inter-i
sland mail service is carried out by FIGAS, Falkland Island Government Air Service.


Departing passengers by air on
pay an embarkation tax, payable in Falklands pounds, sterling or dollars (there are no exchange facilities or ATM at Mount Pleasant).


Cable and
, Ross Rd, Stanley, open
Mon-Fri 0800-1630, is the telecommunications
provider. The islands' telephone system has direct dialling worldwide. Cable and Wireless has roaming agreements with some UK mobile phone networks (T Mobile, Vodafone and Virgin). International SMS is also available to most countries using GSM mobile phone services. Those not covered with the above networks can purchase a local SIM card from Cable and Wireless or at the West Store Entertainment Centre for £25, including £20 credit, valid 210 days. There is no signal on the extremities of East Falkland, nor on West Falkland. Handsets will generally need to be network unlocked to accept the local SIM card. Phones cannot be rented, but cheap Nokias are on sale.


GMT -4 in winter (May-Aug), -3 in summer. Some people use 'Camp time' (as opposed to 'Stanley time'), which does not use daylight saving.

Tourist information

Falkland Islands Tourist Board
, runs the
Jetty Visitor Centre
This has information on accommodation, tours, transport and activities, and offers internet, postal service and public telephones and access cards. It has a free visitor guide in English, Spanish and German. It sells local books, DVDs, crafts, stamps, first day covers and postcards.
Falkland Islands Government London Office
), www.falklands.gov.fk, will answer enquiries.

Visas and immigration

All travellers must have full, current passports to visit the Islands. Citizens of Britain, North America, Mercosur, Chile, and most Commonwealth countries and the EU are permitted to visit the islands without a visa, as are holders of UN and International Committee of the Red Cross passports. Other nationals should apply for a visa from the Travel Coordinator at
Falkland House
in London , the Immigration Department in Stanley , or a British Embassy or Consulate. All visitors require a visitor permit, provided for the length of time you need on arrival. You must have a return ticket and sign a declaration that you have accommodation, sufficient funds to cover the cost of your stay and evidence of medical insurance (including cover for aero-medical evacuation). Work permits are not available. Do not stay beyond the valid period of your permit or visa without applying to the Immigration Office for an extension.

Weights and measures

Metric. On East Falkland miles are used; on West Falkland kilometres.

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